Haunted Me is an experimental solo project by Claudio Begovic, formed in 2016 and based in Reggio Calabria (Italy). After playing guitar for a few years in a local Tool cover band, Begovic started composing post rock and ambient music with his first creature, Ushiro Mawashi. Haunted Me is the natural evolution of this former project, adding noise and distorted synth organs to spooky vocal samples. Discography: “The Pale Ones” (EP, June 2016), “Plague” (Full Album, February 2017), “Humming Ghost” (EP, May 2017).


A new, long, deep drone… “Gretchen Feast On Slow Things” is out on Petroglyph Music Netlabel (Free Download)album cover



Humming Ghost (2017) – Full Ep For 2€ [4 Tracks]

Plague (2017) – Full Album For 5€ [7 Tracks]

The Pale Ones (2016) – Full Ep For 4€ [6 Tracks]

Vesper (2013) – Full Album For FREE [7 Tracks]


New review by Igloo Magazine

A beautiful noise ambient release dominated by soaring guitars and diverse acoustic sound manipulations. “Haunted Me is a young droned-out / post rockin’ and one-man project from Calabria (Italy). The music of Claudio Begovic is quite discreet and confidential, totally self-released and published as digital albums. However I’ve been seduced by the deeply evocative and …

Review by Avant Music News

Incorporating oscillations, rhythmic object percussion, echoing bass lines, boiling soundscapes, slow electric guitar themes, and harsh noise wall components, Plague is not only remarkable for its diversity, but also its singularly compelling nature. Full review at avantmusicnews.com